Nick is  a  playwright  and  actor  currently  located  in  Brooklyn, NY. At  nine  years  old,  Nick  began  performing  in  musicals  with  Dee-Lightful  Productions,  a  local  musical  theatre  program  for  kids  in  Culver  City,  CA.  Throughout  their  pre-college  years,  Nick  continued  performing  in  musicals  and  plays  alike,  and  eventually  graduated  with  a  B.A  in  Theatre  and  Community  from  UC  Santa  Barbara,  studying  two  years  in  the  Department  of  Theatre  and  Dance  BFA  program.  After  graduating  in  2020, Nick continued to act with Skypilot Theatre Company in Los Angeles before moving to Brooklyn.


Nick’s last year in Santa Barbara was devoted primarily to playwriting and the development of new work. Post university life allowed for freedom of artistic expression and a cornucopia of creative opportunity. Four original plays have been produced over the course of the past five years. One such project was a one woman show, "Anna" produced in Whitefire Theatre's 2023 Solo Festival and selected for an encore performance in their "Best of Fest" remounts. Nick was presented with the opportunity to take the show to New York for United Solo 2023 soon after where Anna made its east coast debut to a sold out audience. Nick moved to Brooklyn that same year to continue pursuing their passion for playwriting in New York City.